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Order your FREE Trial Set of Razors and Shave Gel from HARRY’S. Just pay $3 for shipping.

  • Harry’s is a subscription service dedicated to providing their customers with a close and comfortable shave for less money! They offer high-quality razor handles and blades, as well as natural shaving gels. Before each shipment, you will get an email from them with enough time to modify or cancel your plan!
  • When you purchase the trial, you receive a weighted rubberized handle, a five-blade razor cartridge, 2 oz of foaming shave gel, and a travel blade cover.
  • Users have the ability to choose the subscription type that they want and they get to choose how frequently they shave. Users have the ability to cancel the subscription at any time.
  • New Gift Sets available – Winter Winston Set $25, Truman Gift Set $20 and Winter Winston Deluxe Set $35.
HARRY’S – Free Trial + Gift Sets Just pay $3 for shipping.

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Lashes for DAYS!

My daily look isn’t complete without an amazing pair of lashes, which I HIGHLY recommend Luxury Mink Lashes from Dollar Lash Club. The Dollar Lash Club has been a beauty lover’s go-to for affordable mink lashes. They have a convenient subscription service that provides a fresh delivery of lashes every month, meaning that is one less item I have to worry about restocking when I am out. If you are not sure you want to go the subscription route just yet, they also have a “Try before you buy” option available as well but I promise you, you will LOVE them as much as I do…I literally am OBSESSED and wear them daily! What’s even better is, using code LVSHANNAN at checkout saves 10% at checkout!

Lashes can be intimidating to put on. I practiced and practiced and I know I am not an “expert” by any means but I have some great tips and tricks to help!

When you get a pair of lashes, sometimes they may be a bit long for your eye shape. A lot of lashes have a short side and a long side. The short side goes towards the inner corner of your eye and the longer side, towards the outer corner. Take the lash and trim with a pair of scissors from the outside corner of the lash band to fit to the size of your eye.

Next, is the application of the lash glue. Lash glue is important as it determines the durability of the hold on your lash line. I have tried so many different types of lash glues but my ultimate favorite is ESQIDO Companion Long- Lasting Lash Glue . It dries clear, latex free and it has held through showering, swimming, working out, you name it…my lashes do not move! I actually plan on doing a separate review for it because it is my favorite! Now for my application tip that was an absolute game-changer when applying my lashes. Instead of taking the lash glue and applying directly to the lash band, apply the glue as you would an eyeliner to your actual eyelid above your lash line. By the time I grab my tweezers to apply my lashes, the glue is ready and tacky (it only takes seconds) and I set them on my glue line, use my tweezers to adjust and clamp them firmly in place, and voila, lashes for days!

Final tip to lash application is to take a small tube object, I personally use one of my thin lip liner pencils, and I take the pencil on its side and roll from my brow down my lid to my lash band. This helps make it look more natural in my opinion.

Adding another coat of mascara after application is complete preference. I personally do not, as I find that it helps make my lashes last longer. I can normally get 20 to 30 wears out of a pair if I take care of them. Then I take my eyeliner and line the top of the lash band to blend.

To remove the lashes, take a Q-tip, and run a gentle makeup remover, such as Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water across the band to dissolve the glue and gently peel off. Just clean up the lashes a little bit more and then place them back in their box for the next wear.

*I have linked all the products I use and I may receive commission for purchasing from those links.